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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
8:17 pm
where the hell have we been????

must have been a three month wiskey bender....
Friday, August 29th, 2003
11:09 am
4th Street Station Show
Last night was our second show at the 4th Street Station. A big thanks to the following people for coming out to the show:

Oh wait no one showed up!!!!!!!!! (actually 2 girls that i met at the Triple Rock on tuesday showed up so thanks to them)

We were suppose to play with Anakin Mechanic, but i guess they broke up a few days ago....oh well......but we still did get to play with a band called 'Half the Facts'. They were really cool guys from Des Moines, IA and they are setting us up with shows down there...watch out Iowa!!!! Also i guess they got there name because one of them had a cat named Facts, and it ran under the garage door when it was closing but didn't make it....hence half the facts......i dont know if thats true or not but its kinda funny....and sick...but funny too.

The show went pretty well i think, we got to play our new song "Rememberance of a Drunken Brawl" and that went a lot better then i thought it would since Garret didn't really know the words before the show...but he learned it and pretty much nailed it!!! kick ass!

gotta go...see ya around
Friday, August 15th, 2003
3:01 pm
August 14th 2003: Show at the Garage
Last night was our "debut" at the Garage in Burnsville. I think the show went rather well, a few minor glitches....a couple problems with amps and whatnot...but other then that not too bad of a performance. After wards we got a lot of positive feedback from people. We're still working on new material however, so we just played 6 songs, but we played them as hard as we could! The band Align was the headliner..they were really nice guys, and they seemed to like our set.

Hopefully we'll be able to perform some new stuff at our show on the 28th of this month, at the 4th Street.

for now i'm out of here.....so long folks
chris vancool
Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
4:50 pm
We support Jimmy Johns
Yesterday was our show at the 4th Street Station a.k.a The Lab in St. Paul. We were told to be there at 7pm and that we were going to play at 9pm. Once again, we showed up and were told that we would be headlining the show. So we spent our free hours with; a band meal at the wonerful Jimmy Johns, a few games of bubble hockey, a few rounds of what's the damn difference, and a very very long dart game, oh yeah and don't about the $1 Hamms we enjoyed.

The stage there is much bigger then all the other stages we have played on in our short playing career, it was awesome because we had a lot of room to move around and used it accordingly. It was also our first time experiencing 'stage lighting' which was a lot hotter then i expected it to be.

Overall the show was a pretty good one, and we got paid!!! woo hoo....second paying gig.

bye for now
Monday, July 7th, 2003
1:18 am
Radio K Interview
Saturday was our awaited interview on the Radio K morning show "the breakfast club". Here is how it went.

We had to be at the studio between 8:15 and 8:30 this morning. Well, last night was the 4th of July...and we decided to celebrate the anniversary of our country's independence. And in the morning Karl and I woke up at 8, leaving us with little time to get to the studio...plus the fact that we couldn't get a hold of any one else sucked. So karl and I hop in the car, with no address and no directions, and head for the UofM campus. After an hour of driving, and a few calls later we finally ended up finding the studio...only to realize that the rest of the band wasnt there. So Karl and I had to do the interview solo. It was cool though, they played "Jack's Smirking Revenge" and "First to Fold" on the air. So at least we can say our songs were played on the radio! Later when we met up with the rest of the guys we found out that they couldn't find the studio either, so at least there was someone there to do the interview.

On a different note, we have a show coming up on Monday night (i guess technically thats tonight) at the 4th Street Station in St. Paul, formerly known as "The Lab". I guess were opening the show for 2 metal bands, kinda funny!

Anyways, so long...


Current Mood: tired
Friday, June 27th, 2003
11:02 am
Eclipse Records Show
Last night was our show at Eclipse Records, it was a pretty good show, we had a pretty good turn out. However we had to pretty much fly through our set because we had a lot less time then we thought we would have....due to some technical difficulty.....actually mainly because both us and Jeff Jordan were late. Mike got there first and overheard the owner of the store say "if they don't get here soon, they'll be Straight on 'til never playing here again" - good one man!!!! But we did finally get there and rocked the place, after Jeff Jordan opened the show with an accoustic set! The store was a lot smaller then I thought it would be though, we didnt have much room to go crazy...it did help that Garret went wireless so he got to run around the place leaving a little more room for the rest of us. Thanks to Karl's parents and my entire immediate family for showing up and supporting the rock!!!

Radio K is the next thing on our list which is July 5th.

In the mean time were going to work on some new material.

see you all in the dream called rock-stardom!

Monday, June 23rd, 2003
1:04 pm
Second Place isn't bad
We played in the finals of the battle of the bands last night at the Love Ugly in Rochester. And when it came time to name the nights winners we came in with second place. Although it would have been cool to get first place, second place isn't bad concidering that ours performances in the battle were our 2nd and 4th shows ever! We lost by 15 points out of like 500, so it was pretty close! We got a $100 gift certificate to a music store in Rochester for getting second place, so thats cool. Here was our set:

Jack's Smirking Revenge
First to Fold
Don's Head on a Stake
Going to Hell in a Duffle Bag
Cease to Exist
Empty Memories

Overall it was a pretty solid show i think, we had a few minor messups but nothing major.

Also something kinda funny, they put our name on a flyer for the show, but they mispelled it, instead of putting Straight On Till Morning they put Straight On 'Til Morning minor change but we as a band all liked the way it looked so we are keeping it.

4 shows down, thousands more to go!!!!!!!!

But, now it is time to end this entry, see you around

chris vancool

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, June 20th, 2003
4:05 am
Were In!!!!!!!!!!
Well, i think that i need to stop starting this thing off with the word WELL!!!!

So, we made it into the finals of the Black Label Records Battle of the Bands, not bad concidering that we entered into the competion with our second show. There were 14 bands that were in the battle to begin with, and now its narrowed down to 5 bands. We have to go back to Rochester this sunday and compete for the recording prize (pretty exciting). We get a 30-45 minute set. I hope we do good!


Current Mood: excited
Monday, June 16th, 2003
2:35 pm
Holy Crap am i tired
Well we played two shows today, one in Rochester and then pretty much booked it up to St. Paul to play our second show. I didn't think that playing shows would be so tiring, but let me tell you it is. I think thats the last time we play two shows in one day, at least until we're very use to playing shows.

Rochester overview:
Well, i think that we did pretty good in Rochester, it was a battle of the bands and we got to play 3 songs, here was our set:

Jack's Smirking Revenge
First to Fold
Empty Memories

special thanks go out to Katie B. and Ashlea for coming down and being our support at the show.
The show was at the LoVEuGlY Cabaret, which was a pretty cool venue. It was cool because after we played the manager of the place came up to me to say that he thought we rocked! and not to leave without booking another show...sweetness!!!! So we did book another show, with his band! so that should be cool...damn he must have really liked us! Also he said that we would most likely be back next Sunday to compete in the battle of the bands finals. Which would be awesome because the winning band gets 2 days of recording at a recording studio!!
After we got back into town we all went and scarfed down some Chiptole, but not before Katie and I tried to help a turtle cross the street, im sad to say that the turtle did not make it. Then we went to Scotts and got about 15 minutes to rest up for the second show that day.

Big V's overview:

By the time we got to Big V's we were all really tired. The opening band was a band named Strainer form Minneapolis, they were intresting. The next band was an Emo-hardcore band called Dead Letter Auction, from i believe Pennslyvania. They weren't too bad. Then it was our turn to play (kinda funny headlining a show on our third show)

We were super tired and it showed in our performance that night. We only ended up playing a short 6 song set...we skipped the instrumental song and the metal breakdown on Dons Head, because we wanted to end the show as quickly as possible. Plus my guitar kept going out of tune because it had just been restrung that day. so the show at Big V's wasn't all too wonderful, lessoned learned though (never book 2 shows in 1 day)
thanks to the following for coming out the the show though: Katie, Lindsay, Ashlea, Kyle, Mark M, J Ryan, Dave D, Missy, Megan D and her man.

Chris Vancool

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, June 15th, 2003
12:36 pm
Day 2 of the debut weekend
Well, we had a great show at Mike's house last night, the overall response was really good. I think my favorite comment came from a complete stranger that said "well, im not a conesoiur of noise, but you guys were really good" also mike said that we had really good stage presence. Here was our set list:

Jack's Smirking Revenge
First to Fold
Don's Head on a Stake
Cease to Exist
Going to Hell in a Duffle Bag
Empty Memories

Today is going to be a busy day we have a battle of the bands we're in down in Rochester, for Black Label Records. and also a show at Big V's!!! later tonight. The funny thing is that we are headlining the Big V's show, and some touring band called Dead Letter Auction is opening for us! not bad for a second show.

Anyways gotta go to Rochester now...I hope we do good!

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
10:31 am
The long awaited first show
Well, tonight is going to be the first ever Straight On Till Morning show. We are playing at Mike Gross' flag day party. Should be a fun time. I hope we don't suck.

Current Mood: excited
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